Back home again!

Arriving back home and settling back into domesticity always requires some adjustment after such a venture. Even harder if you spend 80-90 days walking the route, and the rhythms of the daily schedule are much more ingrained in your psyche.

My journey has roused some local interest, especially in the press, and this has led to an invitation by BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to feature on their Sunday morning programme (October 17th) at 8.20am. I see this as a great opportunity to spread the word about the Via Francigena, and help promote it as one of the great European journeys where you can enjoy a sense of community as you travel along and associate with other pilgrims.

And you don’t have to do it as a single journey, from Canterbury to Rome. Why not try sections, as time permits. Everybody is subject to myriad commitments, so why not cherry-pick a couple of especially interesting sections and do them when you can? To qualify for the Testimonium at the end, walkers only need to complete 100kms, and cyclists 200kms. This could easily be completed in a week, allowing a couple of days to enjoy Rome.

About Frank Burns

My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. Hi Frank,

    I would like to say to you

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N

    I am very proud of you and happy to met you in Pontarlier.

    All the best to you, god bless you

    Alke-Brigitte from Maintal/Germany (the lady with the red rose)


  2. Shhhhhhhhh……………….. don’t spread the word. Let’s keep it a secret a little longer otherwise it will become a human traffic highway like the Camino!


  3. Hi Frank
    We got to Rome on 3 November…having set out from Canterbury on 2 August. It was an amazing journey.
    Life is still hectic; we’ve had a new kitchen fitted and decided to get married!
    We’re also wondering if we should buy a b&b somewhere on a pilgrim route.
    Keith and Pauline xx


  4. Fantastic news! Both about completing the VF and getting married. That is just the best thing that could happen……….!
    And buying a b&b on the pilgrim route……..some very good friends of ours are restoring a ruin in Galicia to convert it into a b&b on the Camino Primitivo. There must be something in the air…………
    Congratulations to both of you for yo perseverance.


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