Now for the detail………..

Like accountants and engineers, cycling nerds like to get their noses into the minutiae of the detail. So for those of you wanting to know exactly what has gone into my 8.5 kilos of luggage, here is the list. Enjoy!

Ultra-lightweight cycletouring

Clothing                                      Other

2 base-layers                                               Spare glasses

2 cycling tops                                              Toiletries

2 pairs socks                                                 Travel towel

1 undershorts                                               Comb

2 lycra shorts                                                First aid

Arm/leg warmers                                        Cash/cards

1 cycling shoes                                              Watch

1 Gilet                                                                YHA card etc.

2 waterproofs                                                 Notebook + pen

Helmet                                                              Books (on smart phone)

Gloves                                                               Passport

Flip flops                                                         Money pouch

Buff                                                                    Sunscreen/lip salve

For the bike                                   Anti-chafing cream

Puncture repair                                          Travel insurance (+ EHIC?)

2 tubes                                                            Smart phone

Mini-lube & grease                                     Sun shades

Rag                                                                   Camera

Multi-tool                                                      Charging leads

Pump                                                               Flight socks

Cycle lock + 2 keys                                    Battery pack re-charger.

Pliers/spoke key/spare spokes             Maps

Zip ties                                                       

3 bungees/2 straps

Petzl E Lite headtorch

Cycle computer/GPS

Saddlebag/bar bag

Camping kit                                  

Tent                      Plastic mug + spork

Sleeping bag          Footprint

Army knife             Toilet paper


Inflatable pillow

Total weight (including saddlebag and barbag): 8.5 kilos (18.7lbs).

The boxed bike ready for check-in

The boxed bike ready for check-in

North Island route, hanging in the study, for Jenny to follow

North Island route, hanging in the study, for Jenny to follow

...and the South Island route.

…and the South Island route.


Support the Children in Syria: Justgiving

For more cycling-related topics, go to Love Cycling

About Frank Burns

My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. This is a great list. I am planning on doing an overnighter soon and I will be using this list as my starting point.


  2. Good to hear, Christopher. But please don’t carry all of that on a one-nighter! Having said that, I know some people who would!


  3. For us in the US, can you define gilet, waterproofs, and buff. Why two waterproofs. And no soap?


  4. Ah…..two nations separated by the same language! Gilet is a French word = light sleeveless windproof. Waterproofs = rain tops. Buff = watch this video-clip:
    NZ can be a very wet country. So I will have one cycling rain top, and one for camping etc…which I picked up in the cloud forest of Costa Rica and is designed to keep most of your body dry (but folds down to small ball for packing).


  5. Thank you for the enlightening descriptions and reasoning, especially for the buff. And no soap?


  6. Body gel = soap, and makes great shampoo and soap for washing clothes! A true all-rounder!


  7. What a great trip you have planned! Must say, I’m a bit jealous. Btw, two tubes only,that’s bold! Bon voyage


  8. Ah, some would say two is one too many!


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