…and into the Alps

Hot, hot, hot…..how can it be this hot in February? 30+C…..hottest day of the ride do far. I was too complacent this morning, chatting to everyone as they passed at breakfast. I paid the price for a 10am start. My 90km ride to Lake Tekapo should have been relatively straightforward, but the heat kicked in early……and there were mountains to climb.


The roads seemed to broaden out….but that was the effect of less traffic.


I was soon stripping off layers….


Then I  entered deeply onto Mackenzie country, only to discover that Mackenzie had not been a Governor General of NZ but had been a mere sheep rustler!


In Fairlie, taking a break from the appalling heat, my siesta was disturbed by the Mackenzie Marching Pipe Band, rehearsing for an upcoming competition in Timaru. The south part of S Island is a bit of Scotland in exile.


And as I finger-type this on my little phone, this is the view I have of Lake Tekapo.
With a favourable wind and cooler temperatures, tomorrow I will climb the 103km to the village of Mt Cook, which cowers beneath the 3750mt summit of the highest mountain in NZ. Wish me luck!
Or simply support the Children in Syria Appeal: http://www.justgiving.com/Frank-Burns1

And a note to Steve: where are you? We need to GPS each other!

About Frank Burns

My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. Bravo Frank – a great success so far. Look forward to reading about your progress – feel guilty when getting my bike out and complaining about the uphill 3km climb to the local shops!

    Peter Forster


  2. Sheila Cakebread

    Hi Frank, as we sit & shiver, it is difficult to feel sorry for you!


  3. Heading into Aukland today and hoping to get a chunk of the way to Hamilton too. You have made amazing progress – just hope I can match it after a shakes start.



  4. Peter, that 3km hill is but the first step of a 1000km journey…..!


  5. I understand, but then I was having delusions about sub zero temperatures!


  6. Steve, this wont make you feel any better, but yesterday was my Armageddon day……the heat quite simply got to me big time. Should be cooler and wet today for Mt Cook. May the wind as ever…..


  7. Beautiful scenery, as you say very Scotland like. Hope your climb to Mt Cook township is not too rough on you.


  8. Ah the climb up to Mt Cook village is a story in itself. Stay tuned…..


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