Approaching Fiordland

Mossburn to Te Anau 72km (45m)

Nice to report a quiet day! Short on distance and almost lacking in hills and headwinds.
Te Anau is the gateway into Fiordland, the most remote and outrageously beautiful part of NZ. So it was never my intention simply to cycle past with ne’er a thought of lingering to gawp.
So folks, I am self-indulgently taking 2 days out to have coaches and cruise boats be my principal forms of transport, to take me to the very remote Milford and Doubtful Sounds.
But beauty and remoteness come at a price: the infamous weather (6000mm of rain pa) and the dreaded sandflies (which would do an ‘Agincourt’ on the Scottish midges). However, the weather forecast is promising…….


Te Anau, prettily perched on the edge of NZ’s second largest lake, is a vast improvement on the tawdry Queenstown



and my tent (on yet another donated pitch) has a view of some of the above. Sleeping in a tent no bigger than a Tesco’s plastic bag does have it’s compensations…..


See you up the road!
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  1. Oh yes, beware those Fiordland sandflies, Frank, though there’s little that can be done to discourage them. They seem impervious to DEET (Dangerous Extremely Extra Toxic) repellent.


  2. It has been a while, but I remember the beauty of Te Anau and the road to Milford. You are in for a real treat! Enjoy.


  3. A great spot…my partner and son spent time down there in January whilst I was in the mountains climbing – they loved it!


  4. ….the little blood suckers! They even bite through clothing……


  5. ….it was s treat, and the weather was (unbelievably) perfect!


  6. ….beautiful place!


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