Sydney harbours a few secrets…

When you picture Sydney in your mind’s eye, what do you think of? Harbour Bridge, Opera House….? Before I headed off to discover this for myself, there was a little bit of housework I had to attend to


..otherwise my bike might disown me. Then it was time to venture forth and brave the vagaries of downtown Sydney.
However, a long anticipated rendezvous with Richard Tulloch was awaiting….


Richard and I are both bloggers, and we have been communicating for sometime. Richard ( has a diverse background in writing and TV drama production (especially children’s television) and he took an hour out of his rehearsing schedule to treat me to lunch. Thank you, Richard, and for the generous donation to the fund.

The Gardner’s Lodge cafe in Victoria Park.


This may look an innocuous little dish, but it is bushtucker: kangaroo and stout pie. And the taste, surprisingly, was as innocuous as it seemed…..not a lot different to our staple steak and ale pie. However, I now have a story to tell and an experience to brag about……
And so to the harbour where the original penal colony began early in the 19th century. It’s now an area stuffed with icons.

Don’t pay the silly prices to do the climb over Harbour Bridge ($225) rather opt for the $11 climb of the Pylon Lookout and get superb views of both the bridge and the Opera House together

…and then walk over the bridge itself


….like London back at home, some of the most memorable moments and sights are free….absolutely gratis.
And if you keep an eye open you might catch moments like this on the Opera House steps


…which I did just before I headed in to be feasted by a stunning production of Verdi’s Il Trovatore, played to a full and enthusiastic house. It occurred to me that iconic opera houses are not just for admiring from the outside


So it is back on the road tomorrow! 1000km of the coastal Princes Highway beckons……
Children in Syria Appeal:

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My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. And I thought it you were just cycling the length of NZ! But the weather here is so cold and grey that I would hang it out as long as possible, and please bring some sunshine back with you when you DO get back to the UK!


  2. Hi Frank. Sydney is quite a city, isn’t it? Feels very familiar somehow. We loved it there!
    Good luck on the Princes Highway.



  3. I actually think the pylon lookout is fantastic!


  4. Jenny, weather is a strange phenomenom……when you’re cold, you dream of the warm……today I was too warm on the bike, and I thought a bit of cold would have been great. I think there’s a message hidden in all this :0)


  5. Fascinating place Denise, especially its history as the first penal colony.


  6. I agree Baz. I especially enjoyed the information displays, which added to the understanding of how the whole thing happened.


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