To the land of the ‘wild dog’

Rosedale to Warragul 95km(60m)

I told a lie in my last post. I had intended staying in Sale, but the sun went behind a cloud, it freshened a bit, so I decided to sneak another 30km to Rosedale,
where I knew there was a campsite…….but, you know, these things happen…….. you make a change to plans and then you regret them down the road. And, down the road, the sun came out again and made the last 20km a superhuman effort. When I got to Rosedale, I was spent………and I do mean, spent. I checked into a ‘freebie’ campsite, discovered it had portaloos
and a tap (no showers……..:-( and was about to break a cardinal rule…….) when I fell into conversation with a crowd of Queenslanders (some of them most definitely British born)
and before ‘Bob was my uncle’, I had been invited to a shower on board Terry and Karen’s caravan, to supper and to an early breakfast the following morning. If this is typical Queensland hospitality, I would buy into it any day.
Terry and Karen have sold up house and are now spending their time travelling Australia in their caravan, working as and when is needed to top up the bank account. What a lifestyle! Thank you to them both for their kind hospitality.

I have been cycling now for three days in impossibly warm temperatures. The following press article
did not reassure me about the coming days. Melbourne was heading to break an all time record for March: the highest temperatures and the most consecutive days above 30C since records began. It’s that Mother Nature thing again…….some days it throws vicious headwinds at you, or throws an inch of rain on you……and now temperatures that make all but the siesta impossible.

But relief was on the horizon. I was about to meet Jim Connelly
on the road a few kms out of Warragul (meaning ‘wild dog’). Jim very kindly guided me into town, delivered me to the offices of the Gazette (the local newspaper) for an interview and photos, then took me to his home, where a swimming pool,
air conditioning and cold drinks awaited me. Jim and Anne
had very kindly invited me to stay at their house on my run into Melbourne. No sooner look at me, they realised I needed more than one day and night to get back on track. I am very thankful to them for being good Samaritans, and for allowing me to stay three nights before making the final run into Melbourne. Besides, this is a holiday weekend in Melbourne, and the city will be steaming with heat, street processions, wild behaviour, excessive drinking……I mean, who would want to be a part of that?
See you up the road!
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  1. Flexibility is a must on trips like this! Worked out for the best…the Queenslanders looked like they took you right in! I love those random acts of kindness. Made cycling across Canada more than spectacular! BTW – when will you be doing that???? 🙂


  2. Anita, someone mentioned that very route yesterday…….I make no comment!


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