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It’s tempting to sit back when you think a job is complete, and sink into a well of happy memories and nostalgia. Having recently updated myself on the current situation in Syria, what was bad news 8 weeks ago when I arrived in NZ, is now simply appalling. One million displaced people, living in tent cities across borders, thousands of orphaned children, and more than 60,000 fatalities…..in a civil conflict that the rest of the world watches from the touchline.


The message has to get out. People have asked me lots of searching questions in the Antipodes. Awareness of the Syrian civil war needs to be spread further.
My job may appear to be complete (from the cycling point of view), but the real work is only just starting.

Back in the UK, I will be offering to visit groups and associations with an illustrated presentation of my 2,500 mile venture. I will make no personal charge for the talk, but will happily receive a donation for the Children in Syria Appeal. I sincerely want funds to continue flowing into this cause. We can’t stand by and hope that a solution will magically appear on the horizon. Our ‘grain of sand’, however small, will be of immeasurable importance.

If you know of any group that would welcome me as a visiting speaker, please get the message out by word of mouth, email, or sharing on Facebook or Twitter.
Thank you in advance.

And do give them the link to this blog, so they can get a flavour of what it’s all about.

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  1. You’re wrong to say that information on the displaced children of Syria is sketchy in Australia. How can you say that after speaking to a handful of people each day, probably people with more interest in bikes than world events. Did you buy a local newspaper, such as Melbourne’s Age which most days has news about the plight of the children in Syria to what Cameron thinks to arming the rebels and the US views and the Jewish views. It;s there all the time. . Here is one article in the Age which I read about the children http://www.theage.com.au/comment/more-must-be-done-for-syrias-suffering-millions-20130305-2fi0c.html. And then there’s all the TV reporting . So please be careful with your judgement from such a small sample. We Australians know about those children as well the the suffering of people in many other countries. But congratulations on what you have done with your quest. We all do what we can in our own way. For large numbers of us our knowledge is not sketchy.


  2. My apologies….you are absolutely right. Talking to a few hundred people is not representative. Not even significant. So I apologise once again. Hence the post has been edited (which will now have a few readers mystified!).


  3. Thanks for that. And good luck with giving your talks about your trip. I’d like to be a fly on the wall to hear it ! Following your blog has reminded me of the differences between Oz and NZ, not the people but the geography. Quite a contrast between the compact, relatively benign country of NZ to the large and quite different countryside of Australia .. All the best,!


  4. Denise McAdam

    Well done, Frank! Your journey in New Zealand and Australia is now complete but as you say, the fundraising continues for the situation in Syria. We have nothing but admiration and respect for everything you have done and will continue to do. With all good wishes from the McAdams.


  5. Thanks Denise. Your support has always been greatly valued.


  6. Well i think that is a bit strong from lazycoffees .At least you spoke to a handful of people every day about the plight of the Syrian children Frank and that amounts to a heck of a lot more folk than most of us have attempted to speak etc…I do not like the condescending tone of lazycoffees. You deserve only praise for what you have achieved!


  7. Thanks Sam. But I had initially made an unqualified comment that ‘awareness of the Syrian situation down under was (at best) sketchy’. This should have read ‘amongst those I had met’……so lazycoffees did have a point. By removing the allusion, my editing of the post has caused some mystery……:-)


  8. Graham Peace

    Well done again Frank. Will you come and talk to us at Rotary ? Look forward to seeing you soon after our trip to Oz/NZ.


  9. Would be delighted to, Graham. Have a great trip down under.


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