Being stalked by jet lag!

If you have ever been on a long adventure that has been physically demanding, you will understand the sense of disorientation that sets in when you finally stop. In my case, when I had finally stopped pedalling, sedentary lethargy threatened, and then after a 24 hour flight with no sleep, a wicked dose of jet-lag stalked me into submission. But when I arrived at Heathrow Airport, I was bright and chirpy, and delighted to be met not only by Jenny, but also by my brother Dominic.

IMAG0577And as you can see, the answer to the big question “Will he, or won’t he” (ie bring the bike back home) is clearly answered. It will either become a garden feature, draped in all kinds of climbing plants, or if proven fit, it could become a run-around bike for local trips.

A few days at home drifting in and out of sleep at random times of the day, eventually merged into a welcome-home reception at our local Bytes Café. I hadn’t fully realised just how many people had been following my progress all those miles away. Some said how sad they were that the daily post on the blog might cease, now that the journey was over. Some kindly hinted that a book should emerge from all this. Amidst sandwiches, cakes, coffee and raffles, we raised yet more money for the charity, bringing us to almost £6,500………and still counting.

Outside Bytes cafe

I want to thank all those who came out in the cold to welcome me home, and especially to Jean Stratford who was the prime mover in making it all happen. When you are thousands of miles away, pounding the miles in some distant land, forging a lonely furrow from one end of a country to another, you sometimes forget there is a spirit of community that is willing you forward. And coming back to that community is a forceful reminder that these things never happen in isolation.

If you are reading this, and you have followed some (or all) of this journey, and even contributed something to the Children in Syria Appeal, I want to thank you sincerely. For me, it has made the whole thing much more than just one man riding his bike…….it has added our grain of sand to helping a few unfortunate children suffering in a desperate civil war.

Children in Syria Appeal:

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  1. Well ridden and well written, Frank. Inspiring stuff!


  2. Your efforts on behalf of the children of Syria have been tremendous. The amount of money raised will help and you have had a wonderful adventure as well.
    There is no place like home and your community have shown that to you.


  3. Thanks Richard! And it is good to be back home 🙂


  4. Good to hear from you Heather. I have some very strong, and very pleasant, images of Metung in my brain……thanks to you and Brian.


  5. Well done, and thanks for the detailed commentary all the way through. Really enjoyed it (and belatedly added my 2c to your fundraising effort). Very inspiring.


  6. Thanks Nick. Really appreciate that. Have also pmed you.


  7. Welcome home, Frank. What are you thinking for the next bike? Surly Long-Haul?

    And what’s in store for us, your Legion of dedicated readers? What and when is the next trip?


  8. Funny you should mention a Surly Long-haul……’s one of several in my sights.
    And next trip?………not even I know that answer to that one…..but I could stab at a few possibilities!


  9. Toying with the idea of re-tracing Che’s Motorcycle Diaries route…


  10. ….that will be an iconic journey, dg


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