Strictly for cycling ‘nerds’

With the promise that temperatures might rise to 34C, it either takes someone special or stupid (you might think) to head off for a full day’s ride. Well today was Thursday………and the group was meeting over in the ‘wild west’ again…….a long way off. But the surprising thing (perhaps, for the non-cyclist) is that, despite the rising heat, riding a bike at a brisk pace, actually provides its own air conditioning. It actually keeps you cool……..hard to believe I know……but, of course, it has to be at a brisk pace. Hitting 35-40 mph down long hills is the best…..climbing up them is the price to be paid!

The out and back route alone, to the two eating venues (Great Oxenden and Welford) stretched me to 78 miles:

and then the brisk group ride, which took us through some stunning countryside, and along several single track roads, out into the heart of north Northamptonshire, gave the legs another 28 mile stretch.

Route marked in to enlarge

Route marked in orange….click to enlarge

Back at home, I ‘pampered’ myself with a chilled Guinness. Could it get any better?

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My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. It’s all unfamiliar territory to me, Frank – not a single place on the maps that I’d heard of.

    Well, ‘…on Avon’, but it wasn’t Stratford.

    Nice ride – I’m impressed!


  2. Too hot to run so I must be running too slowly……


  3. Yes Richard, it’s the unfrequented heart of England, and the Avon of “Stanford on Avon” is the very same river that eventually runs through the much more famous Stratford.


  4. …..wonder if Mo Farah has a problem keeping cool bat his speeds?


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