Florida loop…

“As of 2012, bicyclists are no longer required to keep at least one hand on the handlebars”.

Right, this is my chance to set a new world record……..do the whole of the Florida Loop (850 miles) with no hands on the handlebars! I may lack a certain level of security regarding other traffic, but I will certainly bask in the secure knowledge that I won’t be fined by a traffic cop, or used as target practice by any bored law enforcement agents.

Florida Loop 850 miles

Florida Loop 850 miles

This will be my route. A total of 850 cycling miles, with a 3.5 hour ferry crossing from Fort Myers to Key West, where I will pay homage to the memory of Ernest Hemingwayhemingway_lg_0 by sampling his favourite drink, vermouth (not  mojito as many believe) in his favourite bar, Sloppy Joes.Sloppy Joes

The route will take me up the largely urbanized east coast of south Florida, to the old colonial city of St Augustine, then across the peninsula through national parks and swampland, to finish with a 120 mile stretch along the Florida Keys. In terms of terrain, there are no real hills to speak of, apart from gentle inclines, but there will be long stretches of remote countryside as I bid to cross the hinterland.

With only 36 hours before departure from Heathrow Airport, this is the sum total of the kit I will be taking CIMG9798

and this is the boxed bikeCIMG9799 which, the Virgin Atlantic website assures me, will travel free of charge in the hold. I will go armed with a copy of the airlines regulations, in case the check-in staff are a little unclear.

About Frank Burns

My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. Hi Frank! Excited to see your journey after following your trek through New Zealand. I live in Melbourne Beach, FL, just north of Vero Beach. If you need anything or are just passing through our beautiful beach town, please let me know!
    Leslie Thomas


  2. Not to burst your little Florida bubble but, in South Florida along the east coast there are so many motor vehicles on 6 travel lane (3 each direction) streets and the locals are not known for tolerance of bicycles. Y’all be real careful, ya hear….


  3. swessonswesson59

    Frank, have a great trip and I look forward to following your progress as I plan to run a trip up from the Keys next year. You will have no trouble with Virgin – they definitely carry bikes for free!!!!


  4. Hi Leslie, I would indeed be delighted to meet you. Looking at my schedule, I will be passing your ‘front door’ on the 13th or 14th Feb. I will email you.


  5. At least you will have both hands free for taking photos on the move.. that will save time in stops.. 🙂


  6. …thanks for the ‘heads-up’ Joe. People tried to burst my NZ bubble with scare stories about logging trucks and teenage ‘rally drivers’, but the actuality (for me) was very different. The East Coast Greenway holds out many possibilities, with some 200 miles of traffic-free routing along the coast….but then, of course, the rest is ‘negotiable’!


  7. Ah Steve….and I thought your reference to Florida was to do with a personal ‘beer and bikeing’ escape……are you taking a group?


  8. Never thought of that Brian…..after all these years perfecting the one-handed shot on the move……


  9. Have a great trip Frank and enjoy the samplings of vermouth along the way. Is Jennifer going for a relaxing holiday with you?


  10. No, this is a solo trip, Heather……but in April we will travel together to France and Holland.


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