The scent of orange blossom…

Where would travelling bloggers in the Land of the Free be without MaCD’s? But you may have to make sacrifices ….


…this is their version of Powerade. Just don’t look for the ingredients!
OK, this morning’s route has been one of the most interesting stages so far, across open country through orange groves filled with the scent of new blossom


and as I was preparing to take this next photo,


a fire engine and ambulance raced past, and when I caught up with the scene of the incident (in a private house), one of the fire fighters by the roadside greeted me and informed me that the sandhill crane is an endangered species. “You’re lucky to see one” he said.


He wouldn’t have said the same about this bunch of scavenging vultures, who were completely undeterred by my presence. Further on I saw about 30 devouring a wild boar. No chance, then, of me taking a siesta by the roadside! I may wake up missing some vital parts….


Believe it or not, February is strawberry harvest here in Florida, and I couldn’t detect a single white Caucasian amongst these pickers…..and I wondered how many were illegals.
I stood in the shade having a cold drink, watching this guy fill his tank, with the engine noisily ticking over


asking myself, is he illiterate? Well, at least he wasn’t smoking, I suppose….
But riding across open country can spell some dangers. I was chased several times by loose dogs, all yapping/snarling at my ankles….they simply saw me as fresh meat. And as I stopped to take a closer look at a raptor’s nest at the top of a telegraph post, the raptor (a big bird) swooped down in my direction. I was out of there!
I leave  you with this view from the saddle….


About Frank Burns

My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. I would be surprised if fewer than 95% of them were illegal. And the fellow filling his gas tank was probably literate enough to read the sign and you would not want to be the “do gooder” to point out he wasn’t following directions!

    Welcome to America. You certainly seem to be taking in all the nuances!


  2. Can’t see your cyclemeter ?


  3. Interesting information and photos. Enjoy following the blog.


  4. How right you are, Steve…..when in another country, keep a low profile.


  5. It’s there, Dennis, on the right of the bars…..but a fat lot of good it is…..the cable has snapped! Hey ho…..


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