Wild camping…..

Last night’s campground was the nearest thing to wild camping. It had over 100 acres of wilderness, people cooking on campfires, and quad bikes and scramblers whizzing around on tracks, some ridden by young kids under 10……no comment.
It was certainly warmer last night, instead of 7 layers, I only wore three (a 60% improvement?) but it was chilly in the morning as I was packing up


but the site had been devastated by a hurricane back in 2004


and since then they had installed a pool..

..the very best welcome I could have at the end of 65 hot, sticky miles to Arcadia.
These two oranges just happened to fall off a tree, and they were deliciously sweet and juicy


Now I have an issue with house numbers in the US…..they go into the tens of thousands….


Now imagine in the UK, your sat nav takes you to a postcode and says you have reached your destination. You look up to see you are outside number 1, and the number you want is 12569…..OMG, you’re going to think this place is way up in Scotland! How can a street have so many numbers? The campground I stayed in last night was15898!

After 7 continuous days of riding, my bike needed a bit of TLC…..Answer? Call by a motor mechanics workshop with cap in hand…


They were very gracious and obliging. They even invited me to use their bathroom to wash my hands……. Americans invariably show me an open and generous spirit…..(but the English accent may also help from time to time!).

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My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. The house numbering thing is very dependent on the locale. In cities, blocks are often assigned 100 numbers. Thus, when you move from the 1st Block to the 2nd Block, house numbers move from the 100s to the 200s. In other places, a major road will have a large number (like 12000 in your pic) and side roads will pick up the same numbering system, meaning a side road near 12000 will have homes that start with 12100, and so forth. It makes sorting mail faster. Still other places (like the Florida Keys!) will use their distance from some major place (like the mainland) as the key to their house number. 77100 means 77.1 miles from the main land.

    Good luck keeping this all sorted!


  2. Thanks for that clarification Steve. I understand the mileage reference in Key West…..they use the same in NZ.


  3. Kids on 4-wheelers…no comment on 4-wheelers in general, period!

    I’ve always found that we’re more inclined to help people from other countries. Shouldn’t be that way but it is. I imagine it has something to do with national pride and image, etc.


  4. You are right Drew…..it’s the natural concern that a host has for their guest. Everybody else is merely a member of the “national family”…..we take each other for granted.


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