Losing grammes…..

Grammes are being shaved off every which way……..

This is my total luggage for 8 days of cycle-camping at the CTC Birthday Rides in York, a big annual cycling jamboree that celebrates the Cyclists Touring Club’s birthday.20140811_152531_Android

This is a bit like a cyclist’s Weight Watchers’ weigh-in…….and yes, we’re down to 9 kilos and counting…….. 20140811_152430_Android

And that does, of course, include camping kit…..now, how do we shave grammes off the camping stuff……….?


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My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. Jonathan Belbin

    ……stay in a hotel!


  2. Rather you than me. I take cooking stove and canteen plus food and drinks, with hot water ready in thermos. Clothes for every possiblity – it’s summer after all! I can even make a kitchen sink using thick polythene shaped between the panniers. Plus a rolled up water carrier and …….


  3. That looks like way too much luggage for you. You really must be living the high life on this particular trip. What is the weight you took when you went to Australia? I remember being absolutely amazed at the small amount of luggage you had.


  4. A hotel?………why didn’t I think of that before……?


  5. …..in fact, Peter, you could open a Tesco Express by the roadside, and supplement the old pension……. 🙂


  6. Heather, for the Downunder trip, I was definitely carrying too much…..all of 10.5 kilos, I think. This is a bid to rectify things.


  7. Who needs a full-size toothbrush anyway? Saw off the handle.


  8. Yep, done it……it’s the obvious trademark of the truly committed ‘weight weanie’ like myself.


  9. Ask your dentist for one of their ‘free samples’ of toothpaste – these come in mini-tubes which last around a fortnight.


  10. And don’t forget a pre-ride haircut too!!


  11. Yep, done that…….except I can make one last more than 6 weeks……a little pearl of paste goes a long way.


  12. That too….and always done by Jenny a few days before.


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