Flat, flat, flat….

Savvy cyclists have now guessed where I am…..yes, you’ve got it……the Fens. That infamous swathe of land that shouldn’t exist, were it not for the ingenious engineering skills of the Dutch, which now sees the majority of their population living on land that once lay beneath the waves.


The biggest elevation threat to any cyclist are the bridges going over drains and railway lines….well, you can imagine the challenge they pose. I might have changed down a gear all of half a dozen times crossing this vast flat expanse


So, a delectable campsite near Kings Lynn is where I will rest my weary head tonight, but not before checking out the nearest “watering hole”….which I believe is called The Gate….and before you second-guess me, it is (of course) primarily for food! Banish those unkind thoughts……


Now I haven’t come over here just for the ride. If that had been the case, I would have chosen a route that might have seen some grinding of gears (and teeth)….somewhere like the Peak District or the Chilterns. But no, irrevocably, I have had to come over this way. Yes, on a bit of a mission……..d’yuh wanna find out why?
Stay with me for the next post…..;0)

About Frank Burns

My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. I am intrigued. Has it anything to do with tandem riding? I am thinking you might be scoping out a route for you and Jenny to do in the future.


  2. The truth will out…anon.


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