The last day of the year….

Now tell me, is this the result of some alcohol-fuelled joke that took root after a long session in the pub, or is this a tiny glimpse of an “us and them” dividing line appearing in a small Northamptonshire village?

The Addingtons are very small communities. Outer Addington does not exist, except possibly in the minds of a small group of inhabitants who live on the edge of Great Addington. They have obviously declared UDI, are now boasting being twinned with the oil-rich state of Dubai, whilst big brother next door has obviously come off second best.IMAG1057IMAG1056

And please tell me what this is all about. What looks like a concrete podium, out in the country, part of which is covered by a substance that looks like white foam. (And before you suggest it….no, it’s not a stile!).IMAG1059

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  1. Looks like a mounting block, originally for getting on horses, but could be useful for ordinary bikes – pennyfarthings!


  2. A mounting block for your horse, sire?


  3. Of course Peter…….and you the man with a “cycling ostler” would know about these things!


  4. …..this sounds like confirmation. Puzzling situation though…..right by a pedestrian bridge over a busy dual carriageway.


  5. I think it’s very Rochdaleist to suggest that Rochdale is second best to Dubai. A pleasant little town on the edge of the Pennines or a too-hot metropolis in the middle of the desert. No contest.

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  6. Never having been to Dubai, I will eat humble pie and have to agree with you… least I have been to Rochdale!


  7. I think that you will find that the horse mounting block was there before that *!**! A14 carved its intrusive way through the Northamptonshire countryside. Thanks go to Sustrans and the Local authorities involved for the provision of the brige, as one needed to be fleet of foot to surmount the grassy bank and carefully descend the steep cutting ( with bike, cyclo cross style, over ones shoulder ) to play roulette with the high speed / volume traffic of both carriageways before scrambling up the opposite side to join the quiet road to the Cranfords when proceeding from Burton Latimer.

    Phil ( I prefer horses to cars ) Lewis,

    Chippenham Wheelers.

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  8. Thanks Phil. It’s amazing to think that this ‘monument’ to the recent past should have been left in place during all the road building works.


  9. Perhaps we could utilise it for a “PODIUM” for placings in a crossing the bridge in the fastest time / most ridiculous manner / facncy dress / bke v horse etc…… competition?

    Or has the silly season just got the better of me?



  10. ….’chapeau’ to the silly season Phil!


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