An encounter with Steve Abrahams.

Most people in the world of cycling will have heard of Steve Abrahams by now. He set off on January 1st to break the annual mileage record set by Tommy Godwin in 1939 of 75,065 miles.


As I parked outside our local mini-market, I scrutinized a bike that looked familiar. When its owner came out of the shop, I recognized him immediately to be Steve Abrahams. He seemed a little surprised that I should greet him by name, but his brain must be so befuddled from spending 12 hours in the saddle every day, cycling over 200 miles, that he hasn’t really taken on board the fact that he is probably being followed by millions around the world. His is a lonely world of rhythmic cadence and regular fuel stops, sometimes sitting on the unforgiving surface of a parking lot. There’s nothing romantic about this world record attempt. It is a year-long physical and mental struggle, buried deeply in a world of his own.
There is scarcely a gathering of cyclists anywhere where his name doesn’t crop up in conversation at some time.
If you’re interested, his current total for the year so far is 13,757 miles (some 2,300 ahead of Tommy Godwin at this stage). If you live within a 100 mile radius  of Milton Keynes, look out for him on the road. Check his website here:

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  1. Reblogged this on CTC Northampton and commented:
    Many Northants cyclists will know Frank’s slide shows. Here’s his encounter with Steve Abraham.


  2. That’s very cool. What a thrill. 🙂


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