“Now, what would yer be doin’ roiding a ting loike that?”, pointing to my bike “yer wouldn’t be ridin’ it some bejesus long distance, would yer?” When I tell him he retorts: “Feck, what would be doin’ that for, would yer kindly tell me?”. Just one of many similar encounters I’ve had in just two days. I can’t stop for  a rest without being approached by someone….

I woke up this morning, gingerly set foot out onto dew-soaked grass, took in my surroundings, 

and did 30 minutes of yoga stretches overlooking the sea. This ancient megalith has been around for more than 4000 years, so I spent the night communing with our ancient ancestors.

My route took me through Bantry, the scene of attempted invasions from Catholic Europe to rescue these Catholic lands, then over a 7km climb out of Glengariff that provided stunning views of the valley and Bantry bay, and onto Kenmare, where I discovered this memorial in the cemetery, commemorating the deaths of 5000 of the locals during the dreadful famine in the 19th century.

My father’s ancestors had escaped the famine by emigrating to Cumbria from Co. Wicklow just a few years before, in 1840. Without mincing words, the British were responsible for genocide on a massive scale. But have we ever acknowledged it…..?

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  1. No mention of pints of Murphy’s, you’ll have a feck of a thirst there to be sure! Much tastier that Guinness, full of Vitamin B and isotonic 😉


  2. Ah, they don’t sell Murphy’s everywhere, even though it’s a Cork brewery…..did see Beamish tonight though


  3. I dare say the British were responsible for many more dark deeds in our past, but as Churchill said,”History is written by the victors,” and the Establishment is hardly likely to shout its evil deeds from the rooftops.
    We came across a plaque commemorating the ‘Clearances’ in the far reaches of Bonnie Scotland while on our LeJoG. I was horrified at what I read.


  4. Indeed, history is always written by the victors…..but a 150 years later, we should feel the need to acknowledge, at least……


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