Doing it the Dutch way….

The freedom and  versatility of the bicycle as demonstrated by the Dutch… this not what it is  all about?

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  1. Wait… where are the road bikes?!


  2. I do not approve – No Helmets!


  3. Even though I’m an inveterate helmet wearer myself, I do support the Cycling UK (CTC) arguments in favour of keeping it an optional choice. And of course, in Holland, they have the infrastructure and the bike-friendly highway code to make cycling infinitely safer than here in the UK.

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  4. There’re all ‘road bikes’, of course, just not the kind you have in mind. The Dutch see them as a form of transport primarily, not as a form of taking exercise.


  5. Maybe I’m too ‘Merican… When one must use transportation, transport quickly!

    I was going for a more humorous take with my comment. I didn’t mean it seriously.

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  6. Just spent a month cycling in Germany and Holland – wonderful! Often separate bike paths, as seen in the vid, or good width lanes and careful, conscientious drivers where there was no alternative to the road. Our helmets spent most of the trip strapped to the back of the bike as we felt they were unnecessary most of the time. Of course, back in the UK with different attitudes, they were back on our heads.


  7. PS. We saw quite a few ‘roadies’ too – helmeted and lycra-clad, especially at the Hook of Holland where cycle paths can take you way up the coast or down the Rhine.


  8. Yes, helmets and lycra don’t sit comfortably with the Dutch way of cycling…..


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