Free upgrade….

I’ve always wanted to know how to get a free upgrade to first class…..have something to complain about, knowing you are in the right.

The Midlands train that pulled into Bedford station was a proverbial ‘half mile long’. Station staff couldn’t advise me where the cycle space was, and before I had time to find it, I was forced to board by impatient staff, with my bike blocking the entrance/exit to the carriage. No one assisted me, no one was there to direct me, despite having bike space booked, so I complained vociferously to the train manager.

The reason he gave for not allowing me the time to find the correct carriage for my boxed bike was because “every second counts”. I assume that is a company motto drilled into all the staff. To me that was a red tag to a bull. Controlling my rightful anger as a fare-paying passenger, I let him know a thing or two…..and he knew I was in the right, and didn’t try to defend himself.

Result? “Sir, let’s put you in first class along with your bike”. Strangely, my rightful anger receded almost instantly….. Mm…..

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  1. I recall a 1st class trip with bike from Inverness to Peterborough returning from LEJOG. I was too late for early booking discount for 2nd class, but 1st class tickets were still available at discount. So a discounted 1st was cheaper than a regular 2nd! I had no complaints about trip!


  2. Sometimes the dice roll in our favour, Peter… the time we got discounted tickets at Peterborough -Edinburgh, and because the air/con was not working, we were upgraded to first class….and all for £9


  3. woohoo. glad you got into 1st class

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  4. Way to go! :).


  5. I’ve never had an upgrade. I will need to do some complaining. 🙂


  6. I’ll file this one for use ICoE.

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  7. Another occasion was when the air/con had broken down, and we were all transferred to 1st class…..

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  8. Reminds me of the first time I took a bike on a train, similar situation, long train, had to run to get to the cycle storage area, and the platform guard shouting the same phrase ” ever second counts”. Have learnt since to give enough time where possible and check online where the cycle carriage is on the trains , as it varies between different rail companies.
    Mind, felt a bit stupid when I asked at one station where the cycle area would be and he give a strange look and said “there is only four carriages” D`oh!

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  9. I reckoned asking one of the station staff would be enough….but obviously that wasn’t the case.


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