Lowest county summit in England

The lowest county summit

I don’t live in the flattest part of England, because that accolade is probably richly deserved by Lincolnshire, but the now non-existent county where I do live (old Huntingdonshire) does proudly boast the lowest historic county summit in the country….which is of particular interest if you are an inveterate ‘hill-bagger’….yes, there is a league of hill-baggers out there who go bagging all the highest points of historic counties, no matter how low they are.

Imagine going from bagging Scafell Pike (978 metres/3208 ft) to the summit of old Huntingdonshire (81metres/266 ft)…..not exactly in the same league, I would say, but features on the same list of baggable points.

Now, I tell you all this simply because my route today took me dangerously close to bagging my first highest summit on a bike…..and astonishingly it is listed in the baggers’ almanac with the never-to-be-forgotten name of ‘Boring Field’, just outside the village of Covington.

However, and this is a big ‘however’…….there is a hotly contested issue as to the summit’s exact whereabouts. Could it really be on a bridge over the now defunct Huntingdon-Kettering railway track? In other words, do engineering structures really count as part of the landscape?

Don’t write to me….write to your local MP…..

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  1. Surrey has a similar situation with Leith Hill. The owners built a tower on the top so it reached 1000ft to achieve the qualifying height.

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  2. Very interesting, Peter….


  3. hope it wasn’t as cold down your way as it is up here.


  4. Bracing rather than cold……..


  5. Pilot Hill – Hampshire’s highest and Walbury Hill – Berkshire’s, are both within striking distance of us and South of Alton, around a village called ‘Steep’, we have a very hilly area which some of the local riders call the Hampshire Alps. It includes Butser Hill.

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  6. Where we live, now Cambridgeshire, is in the ‘lumpy’ west of the county….which I nickname the Cambridgeshire Alps…..


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