How big can they get?

Some hold-ups are annoying, unnecessary and downright frustrating, but if you insist on going for a ride through the countryside at this time of the year, you have to expect this from time to time……..and if you are in no hurry, and you engage with the farmer, it can be an informative and entertaining interlude in the ride……as this was.

The front-end of the combine (reaper/gatherer??) was so big, it had to be dismantled and separated from its enormous ‘parent’ and transported individually to the next field in line for harvesting. I asked the farmer the size of his combine: ‘Thirty five feet’, he told me……’but it’s not the biggest….which is currently forty feet’. I asked him if he had contracted it in: ‘No no, that’s mine….bought it last year….this is it’s second harvest……cost me £400,000. I’ll give it another year before I have to change it’.

I was trying to compute these enormous figures when I asked him when he would start to see a profitable return on his investment. ‘Profit? Profit? Nah, we farmers never talk about profit……..we’re farmers, after all’, he said, with a broad grin on his face…….

We stood and watched as this enormous beast began to swallow swathes of the field of rapeseed…….. simply astonishing.

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  1. I know of a guy who sold his business for a million or so, then invested in one or more combine harvesters. These were operated by a 3rd party. The purchase of agricultural equipment of the values quoted were greatly valued by tax advisors in reducing the tax bill of millionaires – you know, those folk who always tell you how hard up they are….


  2. my friend is harvesting this week . not sure if they do it with a machine that big – will ask.


  3. interesting cut across to the Easton road and then you pass my house! But I love the route from Catworth back into Kimbolton, why can’t all road surfaces be like that…..


  4. We encountered the combine between Old Weston and Leighton, and enjoyed an excellent coffee at the service station…..


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