Hey, d’ya want some water…

I continued this 74 mile stretch of winding rugged coastline…

minding my own business and having the odd photograph taken…

when I heard this “Hey, d’ya want some water?”. Thinking it had nothing to do with me, I ignored it and continued. The same question was hollered again, but this time with greater insistence, so I stopped and looked round: “and maybe some cheese and crackers, some fruit ..whatever you want”. “Hi”I said “well, if you insist”. “I do” he said “come and sit down”.

So within minutes, at a vista point with immense views of the coastline, Rex and Heidi had me sitting in one of their chairs and served me a platter, with two iced bottles of water. A small act of generosity, but a huge gesture of kindness …

My night’s accommodation was going to be a retreat centre in the mountains. An old school friend, who is following my journey south, had been in contact, and suggested I made contact with the New Camaldoli Hermitage, a place he had stayed at back in the mid 80s just outside of the tiny hamlet of Lucia.

I was proffered a warm welcome by one of the Brothers, but the sting in the tail was what is euphemistically known as a 2 mile scenic drive up to the Hermitage……cyclists (and only cyclists) see the following footnote on the notice: ‘Be prepared, this will be your Calvary’. One switchback was so steep (I guess in excess of 35%) I could hardly push the bike up it, let alone ride it.

And I’m dying to find out the properties of a ‘holy granola’.

Whatever the height above sea level, and I guess about 1000 feet, the views are huge and expansive, especially of the sunset.

About Frank Burns

My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. what a stunning sunset

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  2. I am also interested to find out about the holy granola.


  3. ….had some for breakfast….still waiting for the miracle!

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  4. That last photo is awesome, Frank. Nicely done.

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