I’m from Chile…where am I?

I’m currently 250 miles north of LA, about 500 from the Mexican border and, strangely, I feel I’m on the finishing strait…a bit premature for that really.

My stopover at the Hermitage last night was one of those rarified experiences never to be forgotten. High up in the mountains, it is a place of deep silence, where people go to refresh their spirits and renew their inspiration, for whatever reason. One lady, a landscape artist, needed some isolation for the sake of her creativity. The place may be summed up by this image…a place to sit, overlooking the ocean, in quiet contemplation

…then I met myself going down the mountain…..oh dear.

Down the road, I was encountered two series of roadworks, 14 miles apart, still repairing major landslips from 2 years ago that cut off the intermediate community for 4 months. Because the highway is the only road of access, they had to helicopter all essential supplies in, and people couldn’t get in or out. They were effectively marooned on a desert island…I wonder what eight records they chose?

And Matías, from Santiago Chile, another cyclist who just bunged his backpack on the back of his bike, set off from LA to ride the 500 miles north to San Francisco….but he wasn’t sure where he was, nor did he realise that entering the Big Sur, he was going to be facing 74 miles of continuously challenging hills. At least he was going north (and not south)…

Then I came across this beach that was thick with elephant seals, all wallowing in their blubber, scratching their underbellies, and giving off an impressive stink….it may become the next offering from Chanel…

And this is an ingenious way of solving the gender confusion….

but does that now cover the ‘questioning’ gender?

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My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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