Eddie works a miracle…

I had a strong wind in my face, when I saw this in a turn out (layby) for the second time….

Eddie claimed to be destitute, and was asking for the public’s prayers in a typical Californian way. I said: “Can you say one for me? That this wind will turn in my favour. “Lord” he began “turn this wind to Frank’s back..” Amen, I said to that…. But here’s the rub….by early afternoon, it did turn to my back……but then, mysteriously, the Californian wind always seems to be from the south in the morning, and the north west in the afternoon…. No, Eddie couldn’t turn water into Californian merlot, nor find himself a job.

Another spectre wafted into the campground last night, in the form of Stuart…..

who had just ridden 206km in 10 hours of the most challenging coastline in the country, and all he was carrying was a sleeping bag….yep, he slept directly on the cold damp ground, and was hassled by a bunch of racoons in the night. I tell you, California is full of nutters…

10km after my first stop today, I pulled over to check Google maps to see if I should be riding on the freeway and, damn (and double damn!), my phone wasn’t there. As I walked my bike off the freeway, Peter, a former commercial airline, turned private jet, pilot pulled over to ask if he could help, and he offered to run me back to the café in Cayucos, where I had been chatting to Jenny on WhatsApp. Then he took me back to my bike…in the opposite direction to where he was going. That’s kindness for you.

In San Luis Obispo, I found a cycle shop to tune up my gears and put a new chain on the bike, and now she is just purring…..enough to tackle any Californian headwind that Eddie can’t miracle away….

…and to keep up with this ‘peloton’ of likelies in Cambria’s scarecrow festival week….and, yes, they are turning those pedals….believe me.

After 93km, I arrived at Pismo Beach to discover I’m the only hiker/biker on the site…..which obviously means I have ridden the others into the dust….😊

About Frank Burns

My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. Did you get your phone back? I am assuming you did as you have posted on your blog.


  2. I did, Heather …there is s disarming honesty in this remote part of California..


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