Best of friends, worst of enemies…

I decided to delay my start this morning to do my laundry in the campground laundromat, when two gentlemen came in clutching their own bags of laundry. They eventually decided to share the same machine, and when I heard their accents, I said: “You’re not local lads, are you?”.

One, in fact, was a Kiwi and the other an Aussie, and they were on a rental motorhome holiday together. I expressed my surprise to see that an Aussie and Kiwi were that friendly, when the Aussie commented:”We’re not that friendly really, especially on the cricket field. This lot are just a bunch of Sheilas on the cricket field”.

The Kiwi came back with: “Yeah, but when it comes to rugby, the Wallabies are just a bunch of prissie Wannabees”

“You see why I hate him” said the Aussie.

As they overtook me down the road, they gave me a friendly toot on the horn…and I reckon they’d been sharing a few jokes about stupid pommies, especially ones that ride bikes wearing lycra.

On my way to Lampoc, I stopped to rest in Guadalupe, and a lady called Dorothy, in a wheelchair, came up and said: “You stopping or just passing through?”.

Within 2 minutes I had a full description of her extended family, then she remarked: “Of course, I can walk, I just need this (wheelchair) for longer distances”.

I replied: “Yes, I too can walk, I just need this (pointing to the bike) for longer distances”. She liked the humour of the comparison….

When I got to Lampoc, after a fairly tough 80km, the only campground had closed its section for bikers like me, and forced me into a motel room. Bring a humongous RV or motorhome, and they’ll let you stay…..but no, not a one man tent, even if you pay the price for an RV site. Is this unsubtle discrimination?

About Frank Burns

My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. Rules for the sake of rules at your campsite. I blame their forebears!


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