Has the UK got it right?

Ah, the familiar highways and byways of home, and remembering to ride on the left…..

You see, we Brits know we’ve got it right by driving/riding on the left, but most of the world just doesn’t agree with us. I mean, did you know that riding on the left owes its origin to ‘dexterity’ (right handedness)? Approximately 85% of people are naturally right-handed….so, if you were a knight in medieval times travelling the country, which side of an oncoming knight would you pass? Of course, to their left, so you could defend yourself using your right hand.

So my question to the rest of the world is….how do you defend yourself if you drive/ride on the right? Learn to be ambidextrous?

About Frank Burns

Looking for the extraordinary in the commonplace………taking the road less travelled……..striving for the ‘faculty of making happy chance discoveries’ in unremarkable circumstances. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. Ironically, and to answer your question at the same time, I’m left handed. God as my witness. Chuckle. Though I don’t carry a jousting lance on my bike. Or a sword. A carbon fiber sword, though… Now that has potential!

  2. Well, driving on the right, you can flip someone off and still keep a steady hand on the wheel.

  3. I’ve been saying for years we should go with the majority on this one. Would be much easier if we were all used to the same rules!

  4. …but then Brexiteers (in particular) would be on your tail demanding that we safeguard our own heritage. Why? Because we are different……and we want to stay different…..(they say)…..

  5. Yeah, right! They probably never bothered trying to use the roads anywhere else anyway. Heritage, my … but I know you appreciate differences! Just that this one is merely a practical thing.

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