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Anglesey: stronghold of the Welsh language

Anglesey Map

A recent week spent in Anglesey reminded us of a trip we took to celebrate Jenny’s retirement, a place of narrow winding lanes, Celtic remains, the Welsh language, bara brith, Welsh cakes, spectacularly located lighthouses


and huge maritime wind farms. Once an island, but now linked to mainland Wales by two bridges, it is still a distant and remote corner of Wales, where you can still meet sheep drovers moving their flocks along the country roads, and narrow lanes wind aimlessly, linking up isolated farms and houses.

With the tandem and solo bike, we explored several areas, taking in Moelfre with its


Lifeboat station, Plas Newydd, with its country residence of the Marquess of Anglesey, the stunning gardens of Plas Cadnant, and the remote cliff-top church at Llanbadrig, associated with St Patrick’s arrival on the stormy shores of Wales.

A dedicated cycle route I took across the island crossed an old, abandoned section of a railway line, completely smothered by brambles and weeds, yet still levying a £1000 fine if you were caught trespassing! Ah, the Welsh sense of humour……

None of the hills may be high on Anglesey, the highest being something over 200 metres, but the inclines can be sharp, so we were not coy about dismounting the tandem and pushing from time to time. But it was a pleasure to be able to pedal out to a place of interest, put in 20-25 miles, and enjoy several hours and lunch at the stopover.


IMG_20180905_104916926On my solo, I could go further afield, handle the hills with greater ease, and get into the heart of the island where the only people I met were locals, and who invariably were speaking in Welsh……especially in the town of Llangefni.

For those who are interested, below are some of the routes we took……

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