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A day when I just put in the miles is what I call ‘a routine day at the office’. I’m heading towards the interior for no other reason than to spend a couple of days with my cousins in Co Limerick. It’s 25 years since my last visit, and then it was to bring my mother back to her place of birth, her last visit before she died. Of course, we didn’t realize that at the time….
But the routine day in the saddle was happily punctuated by discovering this early 17th century castle

and the ruins of this 13th century Franciscan Friary,

now occupied by graves, one of which was this stark reminder of the levels of infant and child mortality, even in the 20th century.

In the late afternoon, with rain setting in, I was tempted to find a room, but the average price of £100 quickly brought me back to my senses. So I kept riding until I found a bit of manicured lawn belonging to a petrol station, and the owner, a man called JJ, graciously let me pitch my tent. So I am now savouring a pint of Murphy’s while I tap in this post……wondering how else I would rather spend the evening…..