No, not 34C again!

Marlo to Metung 95km (60m)

Staying with a household of people in training had very definite advantages. Everybody was up early to get in their morning training!
Tim, who is training for his next Ironman event, headed off before sunrise to get in a 9km run. That is pure dedication….

Courtney was off to do a swimming session before work,
and Al was ready at 7.30am to do his daily commute into school….which also happened to be on my own route. So an early start and fast-paced company for me for the first 16km. But what I had not expected was to have Tim drive past and get his name in the history books by making a drive-by donation as we were heading out………All I can say is: “only in Australia………!”

So as a ‘thank you’ to Tim, I am publishing the URL of his blog, and I would like everyone who reads this to click on the link…..if for no other reason than he will now feel obliged to update his blog by writing another post!!!! So go on, click on the link, and let’s see if we can make his site crash!!

The early start was a relief. It was still cool, but the forecast was not good….by that I mean it was going to get hot……very hot indeed. The thing is, I’m not going to be lounging on a beach sipping Pimms all day. Perhaps you hadn’t noticed that. I need to get the bulk of my daily mileage in before noon….otherwise its curtains for the rest of the day. The temperature rose to 34C in the afternoon, not good news for climbing hills…..but at least the speed going downhill creates its own breeze and prevents the ‘engine’ from overheating.
Just before reaching my destination, I came across this bit of roadkill on the road. I won’t describe what I saw in detail (you can see it for yourself, anyway), but it had only just been struck by some vehicle, which probably now has a completely knackered front end….. because this is a BIG piece of roadkill……a “beer barrel” of roadkill…..a wombat in fact. Big fella! He probably weighs 70-80 kilos at least. Glad he didn’t launch himself under my front wheel!
My target for the day was to get to Metung, about 20km from Lakes Entrance.
I had been very kindly invited by Heather and Brian Marsh to stay the night.
Whatever negative people have about the power of the internet, and networking, through blogging or other social media, for me it has been a privilege to be welcomed into Heather and Brian’s home, to be introduced to the highlights of the beautiful area they live in, and to sit at their table and share their food and friendship. After a long hot day in the saddle, their home was indeed an oasis in a hot desert. Do check into Heather’s blog, and learn a little of the life of a Scottish-born lady living in Australia. She has a way of persuading you that Australia is the place to be 🙂 Thank you to both for such a warm welcome, and the wealth of knowledge you shared about life in this wonderful country. You very nearly convinced me to stay……..!
See you all up the road!

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