Lanzarote: the island of volcanoes

My apologies to all those expecting a daily update to my cycling exploits on Lanzarote. Technology hasn’t quite been in my favour, so my intention is to draft my posts each day and upload them as retrospectives when I get back home.
This is my mount for the week,


delivered to my hotel, by an Italian called Roberto, and as you might expect, the bike is an Italian job, equipped with Campag. But more of that in a later post.
Needless to say, weather and terrain have been hugely influential on the outcome of each day, and very little has been predictable. After 4 days, this has been a rollercoaster of an experience. But then, we wouldn’t want any other way, would we?

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My journeys around the world are less about riding a bicycle, and more about what happens when I get off the bicycle. Click on the Personal Link below to visit my webpages.

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  1. Nice bike. I have never seen the make before but understand it is made in Italy.


  2. Edward Valletta

    so jealous….


  3. It’s certainly been up to the job, and over some rough terrain.


  4. Does jealousy extend to battling up a 500metre ascent against a 30mph wind……? It would be cruel to wish any friend to be here…..but then cyclists like cruelty to be dished out in spades…. 🙂


  5. Battling up a 500m climb against 30mph wind beats any day in the office 🙂


  6. Ha…..that I have to accept, KG……let jealousy reign!


  7. Hey again, Frank. Looking for some expert advice from you or your readers. My wife and I are looking for a good 2-week tour (self-supported) in Europe in May. Suggestions? Thanks!


  8. Am in transit from Lanzarote…..remind me again in 24 hours……


  9. Drew, so many things to suggest, but here’s a few. If you like flat, carefree riding, a Eurovelo route along one of the major rivers (Loire, Rhine, Danube) could be ideal. But the weather may still be in a transitional phase. For guaranteed good weather, Andalucia in the south of Spain (eg. Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla, Jerez and along the coast), or the Algarve in Portugal. Another suggestion could be the pilgrimage route called Camino de la Plata, from Sevilla to Santiago de Compostela, going north with the spring. If you like islands, you could go island hopping in the Balearics (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza) or spend a useful 2 weeks on Sicily, and include a few days on the remoter Aeolian Islands. I also believe there is some good riding to be done on both Corsica and Sardinia. And as a last suggestion, Tuscany in NW Italy is a good choice, but bear in mind that all the stunning Etruscan-built fortified towns are at the top of hills……


  10. Thanks, Frank. Will keep you posted. Hills in Tuscany, eh…


  11. Hi Drew, some good suggestions already. so I would only add the east cost of Spain – Costa Blanca, the Valencia region and further north to Barcelona.

    Mallorca, Tenerife and Lanzarote are great, but each place is too small for a 2-week tour.

    May is a bit early in the year for the big mountains, but you should have a look at the Alps anyway, just because the climbs there are so inspirational. 🙂


  12. KG, I agree with all of that. Some good suggestions.


  13. Thanks, KG! Much appreciated. Not so sure we’re looking for Alps-level inspiration…


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