From turbines to Saxon churches…..

Broughton-Brixworth August 13thSometimes a ride out into the English countryside can take you from the sublime to the ridiculous. What would the Saxons have made of the modern turbines?

A cycling friend would sometimes try to wind me up by waxing lyrical about the supreme aesthetics of the modern turbine, making specific reference to the 10 erected just outside Burton Latimer. Built as the first wind farm in Northamptonshire, its fame competes with the vast Weetabix factory, both fairly ugly constructions, but the one offending more by its visual impact, and the other by its olfactory presence, bearing no resemblance to the aroma of what lies in the bottom of your cereal bowl in the morning.B Latimer turbines

Then through Brixworth, the setting of one of the most stunning Saxon Churches in the country. Though it has undergone many additions and alterations over the ages, a lot of the original structure from the 7th century still remain to this day.Saxon church brixworth

If you are in the area, it is well worth a visit.

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  1. Esther would be in that church in a shot – we have visited more than the Pope in the last 5 years. having a grim day here trying to understand Garmin maps and my new Garmin Touring GPS.


  2. ….if it’s the Garmin Edge Touring, I’m not surprised. I trialled two models shortly after it was launched (about 18 months ago) and I sent them both back. I tested their navigational accuracy extensively on local roads over some 6 weeks (prior to my ride to Istanbul), and on every ride there was a glitch……sending me across church yards, across fields with no visible tracks, losing signal, sending me back the way I had come, ignoring roads that exist (and much much more). I have been told that Garmin relies heavily on customer feedback to sort out their glitches on new models……but maybe most of them are now sorted. I hope so for your sake.
    On paper, the Edge Touring looks an excellent buy. I particularly liked the facility to create routes on the device itself.
    Did enjoy listening to you both on Radio Scotland!


  3. I am trying to use the basecamp and the europe map that is on the unit. need to plot the route of an Audax ( my eyes are not good enough to read the paper notes anymore ). I will do a long ride Sunday and see how that goes – just going to walk to bike shop following a route – 1.5 miles should be easy enough now.

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