The rise and rise of the “double bike”

Café stop in Stamford

When Jenny & I were in Vancouver last year, and asked to hire a tandem in a bike shop, we were greeted with a blank look. I quickly realised I was speaking a foreign language, so I pointed to one. “Oh, yuh mean a double bike, don’t yuh?”.

So this was the biggest turn-out of “double bikes” to date in the Peterborough Tandem group. The word is spreading. All along our route, people looked on in wonder at this line of twosomes. Never before had they seen so many tandems in one snap-shot!   Five crews set off from Tallington Lakes, and we met one crew at our Ferrymeadows stop.

It was a chilly, misty start to the day, but we were promised warm spring sunshine, and that is what greeted us before our first stop. And yes, we discovered the delights of having two café stops, the second in the historic town of Stamford, made even more famous as the film locations of Pride and Prejudice, Middlemarch and the Da Vinci CodeThe blossoming spring flowers and the bright sunlight made it feel like a holiday weekend……..or was it just the happy social encounter with fellow “double bikers”?

Our group sported an interesting variety of machines: two Dawes, a George Longstaff, Cannondale, Orbit, and a Mercian. No hint of a monopoly there!

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  1. “double bike” must be a north of the border speak thing. We don’t call them anything but “tandems” here. Did once see a “4 seater” at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Wonder what Vancouverites would call that?


  2. ….quadruplet? Quad bike? The longest ‘multiple’ bike in the world hangs from a ceiling in the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan…..built for 10 riders. Suitable name?


  3. Frank, you are well versed on things Americana. Never visited Ford Museum but should. Multiple seater seen @ Peggy’s Cove was parents and 2 teenagers all dressed in identical kit. Quite the sight as they headed out.


  4. ……..or a dix-velo?


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