Such strange things happen out there………

I had a “yes” moment on the bike the other day………I actually saved the life of a field mouse. Honestly. And no, I didn’t rescue it from a flooded drain, or lift it down from a precarious precipice……..I saved it from a prowling cat! I was scooting along a country lane at xxxxmph, and a cat that was chasing this tiny little creature along a gutter, saw me bearing down on him and thought he might be part of my food chain, so he beat a hasty retreat, leaving his prey to escape. What a feeling of self-satisfaction I had for the rest of the ride!

Talking of cats, on another day a cat and I both had a very lucky escape (a case of mutual satisfaction?). As I passed this cat on the verge side, it decided to jump across the road to its own safe haven, and passed directly under my bike between my front and back wheels. Given that I was doing about 20mph, it seems unbelievable that it was unscathed……..and I hate to think what might have happened had it collided with my front wheel! On another occasion, it was a blackbird that zoomed between both wheels. Tell me, what is so attractive about these kamikaze missions in the animal world?

Then I chanced by this little car that still had on its winter coat of artificial grass……………… I’d really like to say something amusing about it, but words fail me ;0)

The 'lawn' and the short of it......

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  1. They say that birds (particularly blackbirds ?) are drawn to cars because the dynamo inside a car’s engine will “pull” the bird in, with its highly-tuned gyroscopical systems, which is why birds often tend to swoop across in front of your car a lot of the time.

    Don’t know about bikes though…


  2. … must be the dynamo in the old legs…..! Not sure about the cat though…………


  3. Len Lockwood

    Frank! A Late late tale…… Talking of cats, the late [very late now] Rector of Vallodolid Seminary had a cat. Now many years ago “Duchy” Holland , late Bishop of Salford ,was a student together with a mate of mine [also late] at the seminary. And the Rector had a cat who night after night serenaded the local female cats in the quadrangle of said seminary to the annoyance of sundry students whose bedrooms overlooked the quadrangle. And it came to pass that Duchy had a powerful air-rifle and it also came to pass that the late Rector came to mourn the mysterious disappearance [never solved] of his late cat.
    Len Lockwood


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